The required donation for adopting these horses is returned directly to the program to be used for helping more Standardbreds in need. Amount of donation varies with each horse and will be determined at time of adoption.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Skyway B

Skyway B is a 13-year old bay gelding who raced as a pacer. FFS and private donations were able to rescue him from the kill pen and bring him to Maine where he remained in quarantine for several weeks. He was bred in VT, owned and raced in Maine, but with no records until we were alerted to his needs. After learning to trust again, Sky gradually became sociable with people. He prefers to be with a companion horse and has taken well to trail rides around his foster farm. Sky deserves a kind home with life in pleasure disciplines.

Ivory Dream


Ivory has finished his racing career at the age of 6 and his owner wants him to become a pleasure horse in the right home. This young bay gelding is 15.3h, was trained to race as a pacer, and is settling in nicely at his foster home. So far Ivory is proving to be in fine condition, presents no vices, and is friendly and sociable. Ivory has found his home with a young person who plans to re-train Standardbreds for pleasure disciplines. A perfect match!

Regarding Riley


Regarding Riley is a handsome gelding, 15 years old, dark brown, 15h, raced for 8 years. He has been retired for 5 years and now needs a responsible home. He's settling in and will soon begin training. View more pictures on the HOME page slide show. Riley is going to a beautiful farm where he will be a beloved family pleasure horse. Congratulations!

Midnight Owl


Owl's owner found himself in a desperate situation, but insisted that this gentle gelding find a good home. He has just arrived, is very personable, and settling in. Owl is a 14-year old bay who did his job on the racetrack until retirement and certainly deserves a fine new home. 
View more pictures on the HOME page slide show. 
Owl has been adopted into a fine new home! Happy New Year to Owl and his new family!

Whata Winner


Whata Winner has arrived! This 9 yr old trotter gelding, aka"Duffy",  has certainly been a good winner with over $700,000 earned during his race career. His previous owner is very happy to give him a chance at a new life. He is settling in nicely and will soon be in training to become a pleasure horse. Update: Duffy is a natural under saddle!
View more pictures on the HOME page slide show.

In her new life, Nellie will be a pairs pleasure driving horse. She will have many new adventures in many new places, including the carriage roads in Acadia. We wish her and her new owner years of happy travels together!

Red Slippers


This beautiful 9-year old mare has just joined our program and settled right in. She is 16.2+h, chestnut, and very gentle. Slippers raced as a pacer, UTD, trailers easily, and is very willing to please. She's enjoying some beginning training and has already proven to be a favorite with all who work with her. Please see more pictures on the HOME PAGE slide show. UPDATE: Slippers is has proven to be solid in the ring and on the trails. She is mannerly and sociable, and now looking for that good home where she will make a great pleasure horse! Slippers had a great fun at the FUN DAY SAMPLER! UPDATE: This summer, Slippers has been ridden regularly on the trail and loves it!

Congratulations to Red Slippers and her new owners! We know that she is in the perfect home for her (the family adopted a Standardbred from us a few years ago and also have another rescued Standardbred)  and wish them all many happy years together!



Kerogen: 17h, bay gelding, 12 years old. After the age of three, Kerogen raced exclusively in New England for a brilliant career. Still a stallion at five years old, he set a trotting record of 1:58 for the state of Maine, and subsequently was named Trotter of the Year twice and Horse of the Year once in Maine. In 2012, Kerogen was inducted into the New England Harness Writers Hall of Fame. For his entire racing career, he had 65 wins, 28 seconds, 18 thirds, and 154 starts, earning $393,463 with a lifetime mark of 1:55.1. Despite his size, he earned the nickname of Big Cat because he trotted so gracefully on half-mile tracks.

 We were fortunate to have Kerogen adopted even before his re-training began, and he is now enjoying life as a pleasure horse both driving and under saddle.

Boys Gone Wild


Boys Gone Wild, aka Ted, is big and handsome at 16.3h. He raced for until aged 3 and is now 6-years old and ready for retraining to become a pleasure horse. His owner believes that with his nice temperament he is an excellent candidate for pleasure driving. Ted has come along way with ring work perfecting his balance. He also has great fun on the trail and is an excellent pleasure driving horse. Keep watching for updates on his training. View more pictures on the HOME page slide show.
UPDATE: Ted is being worked regularly both under saddle and driving, and is proving to be a star!

Ted has been adopted! He is in his beautiful new home where he will have many pasture mates and miles of hunt country trails. Thank you to his new owner for supporting the breed and for giving another fine Standardbreds a good home. We wish you years of happy trails together!

Monette's Image


Image is a 10 year old, bay, 15.2h, mare who never raced. She has settled in her foster home and is enjoying a new pasture mate. UTD and sound, she is proving to be mannerly and sociable, and has begun her training to join someone in a pleasure home. Image is progressing nicely in ground work and is now working under saddle. Please see more pictures on the slide show on the HOME page and keep watching here for updates on her progress.
Update: (1) Image has now socialized in a herd of five mares. She and Snap Jack recently performed beautifully at the Cumberland Fair World of Horses in a very scary, public arena. She is being ridden regularly and proven herself on the trail with four horses where she was willing and obedient as the leader or follower.  (2) We are fortunate to have an indoor ring where Image continues in regular work, but we're looking forward to more trail rides. See the pictures on the Home Page slide show. (3) Image has come a very long way in her training and is now ready for her permanent home. This sweet mare loves trail rides, is mannerly, must be in a home with at least one other horse, and ready for that special home where she can be someone's companion for a long life together! Image had great fun at the FUN DAY SAMPLER!

We're so happy for Image, her new owners, and her pasture mate! She is in a wonderful home where she will enjoy pleasure riding on lovely trails with an experienced and loving family. We wish Image many happy years in her new home!

Neals on Wheels


"Nellie" is an 8 year old, 16h, beautiful bay mare, raced as a trotter, UTD, and is sound. Her owners decided to retire her from racing and place her in a good home. She recently joined Image as a pasture mate in her foster home, where Nellie is just beginning retraining. Please see more pictures on the slide show on the HOME page and keep watching here for updates on her progress.
Update: Nellie has now socialized with a herd of five mares. She is being driven and ridden regularly.

In her new life, Nellie will be a pairs pleasure driving horse. She will have many new adventures in many new places, including the carriage roads in Acadia. We wish her and her new owner years of happy travels together!

TSM Electricelwood


Woody's story is a short one; he came into our program and two weeks later was adopted! After a racing career that began in Ohio and ended at a fair in Maine, Woody was in various private homes, but eventually fell into the hands of a very responsible family who spent years nursing him back to robust health. They, and all who knew him, were struck by his exceptionally mellow personality, so when family circumstances prevented them from no longer being able to give him a good home, they sought out our program and emphasized their wish to place him well. This 15 year old, kind, bay gelding is now best friends with Snap Jack, about whom you can read below. We are all so happy for this fine Standardbred who is now in his well-deserved fine home! Thank you to those who did, and now continue, to care for Woody! 

Woody's story is longer with this UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances in August 2015, Woody was once again in need of placement and found his well-deserved, permanent retirement home on a  beautiful farm with other rescued horses. His new owner is an inspiration and her kindness and benevolence for horses in need is remarkable!

Snap Jack


This 15 year old gelding has been in a private home where he must now be given up. He raced as a pacer for seven years, then was trained under saddle, but is now in a foster home and being "tuned up". Snap Jack is a dark bay, stands at 15h, and is very sociable and personable. He had not left his previous home for 7 years, but got right on the trailer and readily settled in with his new surroundings and pasture mates. Note the picture in the slide show of his FFS trainer having a phone conversation while in the saddle. Want a polite and obedient horse with lots of patience? Snap Jack is for you! 

Snap Jack was delivered to his beautiful new home where he had a good look at this new barn, trails in the woods, large paddock, and huge hayfields. Everything was deep in snow, of course, but he was so happy that he had a nice roll in it.  Congratulations to Snap Jack and hi new owner!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, in July 2015 Snap Jack was once again in search of a home, but soon found one with a person who especially wanted a Standardbred for trail riding and fun. 

Snap Jack is once again in our program. To quote one who works closely with him, "we can't MAKE him do anything wrong!" He and Image recently performed beautifully at the Cumberland Fair World of Horses in a very scary, public arena. He is being ridden regularly and proven himself on the trail with four horses where he was willing and obedient as the leader or follower. See the pictures on the Home Page slide show.

Snap Jack is in his new home with a loving and experienced equestrian family. He has already had regular workouts and is doing very well. He has, in fact, already had is portrait done by his favorite fan!  We wish them all years of happy trails together.

B Thea One


B is a 6 year old, 15h, dark bay mare who just finished racing in the fall of 2014. She has a great disposition and her owner would like her to have a new career as a pleasure horse in a good home. B is sound, has settled into her foster home, has quickly socialized, and has begun her retraining. Watch for updates.

B Thea One was safely delivered to her beautiful new home and two happy owners! She met her pasture mate, an older gelding, and they soon became fast friends. These two lucky horses are living on a preserved historic farm where they complete the picture of rural life as it once was. Congratulations to all!

Avon Jane D


Janie is a 19 year old, bay mare, who was recently rescued from a private facility where she was to be 
shipped to slaughter. She foundered a few years ago, but was nursed back to health and has received regular care by our farrier who hopes that she will be able to carry a light rider. She is mannerly, sweet, gentle and will make a wonderful companion. 

Janie has found her new home as a companion to a mule with whom she bonded immediately and they are already inseparable. Happy New Year to Janie and India!

Ty Guy


At age 14, Ty Guy was required to retire and his owners were eager for him to go to a good home. Now at 15, he is a 15.3h, bay, gelding, sound, and has no markings, but very handsome dapples. His retraining began the day he arrived at his foster home and he immediately demonstrated his good manners and willingness to learn. He was presented at the World of Horses at the Cumberland Fair in Sept. 2013, where he was shown in hand - complete with sparkling accessories - and the crowd loved him! Ty has been on several trails rides that have added sensory challenges, has been hooked to a cart, and recently attended an Elijah Moore Clinic. Ty Guy has participated in 3 shows this season, where he performed and behaved very well. In the SPHO-ME/SMDA Dressage Show he took the Standardbred High Point Award and the r judge's comments were glowing! Donation of $300 required. Located outside of Portland, ME.

Ty Guy found a wonderful home with a young owner who has owned and knows Standardbreds very well. She is an accomplished horse woman and a great match for this handsome gelding. Good luck to both for many happy years together!

Hardrockn' Bella


Bella is a 6 year old mare who was seized by an Animal Control Officer and rescued by our program from being immediately shipped to slaughter. We know that she never raced and appears to be sound. She shares a paddock with Bearie (see below), has adapted well to training on the ground, is mannerly and friendly, and is now being worked under saddle.

Bella is now in her new home with an enthusiastic owner who plans continued training and looks forward to many trails rides. Congratulations and Happy Trails!

On the Avenue


On the Avenue, AKA “Bearie”, is an 8 year old, bay, mare, 15.2h, sound, pacer. Very nice confirmation and lots of energy. She was recently rescued from a private facility where she was to be shipped to slaughter. Bearie now shares a paddock with Bella (see above) and has begun her training with ground work and recently began work under saddle.  She's a beautiful mare waiting for a good home.

Bearie is in a new home with a loving family who carved out a  paddock and built a run-in shed just for her. Their hard work will be rewarded by lots of fun times with this big, handsome mare who will do it all. We wish them many fun-filled activities together!